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A life lived

I'm Tam, and I'm wife to Owen and mother to Isla (7) and Reilly (4). We live in Cape Town, South Africa, in one of the best (seriously) suburbs there is, Noordhoek. In our garden, where we sip our evening G&T, we have views of the mountains and the sea, with the beach just a few km's away. After dropping the kids at school (they're Finally back! 🥳), we most often have a run along one of the most iconic roads in South Africa, Chapmans Peak Drive. It's iconic because it's so damn beautiful, whatever the weather, and it's a complete and utter privilege to be our 'home loop'.

So, we're pretty lucky. Very lucky. And so very grateful that we live where we live, and how we live. There's a whole story behind how we got to where we are now, what we do (or have done) and what we're all about (we have time these days, lockdown has not been kind to our business. Another story). To start, we'll get straight to the point. My husband can't sit still, and it's his most endearing (and exhausting) quality. We don't have weekends of leisure, unless we've climbed a mountain, sailed to Cape Point or run a race first (emphasis on fun, not fast).

And this spirit getting out and doing it, is our family's driving force. As a couple, we literally didn't have weekends (event work) and our holiday's were recce's for the next big event. Then we found out that when you have kids, if you don't just take them along with you, you won't be doing a whole lot. So, we took them with us. When Isla was 6 months old, she slept through a flooding river in a desert (hilarious story), slept under a bush while we changed tires, slept under a table while we welcomed runners to the finish of their epic journey, slept in a train, slept through very bumpy 4x4 routes and fell asleep in front of the speakers at a concert. She slept a lot, and we are the now masters of makeshift baby beds (Reilly just followed his sisters lead and slept where we put him, mostly). She didn't sleep in the plane... not such a funny story.

We've taken them along on every adventure and every outstanding journey and our mission is to keep doing that, as much as we can, as often as we can and with as much focus on pure exploration of the world as we can. This is just the start of living our lives.

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